About Us

My Background


Hi , its me from a Pakur a small town from Jharkhand, settled in Delhi ,who is standing on the art side with my friend.

Photography is my passion ,which i do practice after my office , which I utilize even in my family , friend & office function , they love my work which inspires me to do more and more.

I love to travel and explore the incredible nature, animal, sceneries, etc.

All pictures clicked by me.



When I started:

I never believed I would ever have such a passion  wud like to thank my mam of class 10, who gave me her camera to buy battery & its accessories.my curious nature had the urge to learn n know abt things.

I kept going to the store were in we buy camera & their acc I started clicking pics werin I realised I was getting attracted to it & gradually it started turning into my passion,

N gradually got into the depth of learning the camera & then slowly learnt on clicking with diff lenses etc. ….started getting compliments of my clicked pics which inspired more n more.


 My vision as a photographer is learn n teach ,this is my aim as I feel every pic inspire n teaches me more