Candid Wedding Photography

 Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is not merely clicking random candid pictures. We capture the mood, the emotions, the gaiety and the colors of your special day with all myriad hues therein. We prepare a photo-story that would evoke those emotions even after a few decades, when your hairs are greying and your children have grown up. The visual narrative that we prepare would unfold those memories even after you have completely forgotten them. It is not just about an assembly of of unconnected ‘candid’ images but a series of photographs that is built layer by layer to create the unique story of your wedding day. check link for more pictures.

Birds Photography

 Photography is a pleasurable experience for sure. Bird photography is mind-blowing because of the variety. They are also challenging to photograph. You wouldn’t get tired anytime. 

Product Photography

We are doing product photography and we think we are best in this.

it's not about the product it's all about how are you seeing the product and your creativity. 

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